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Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd.

Our lifestyle determines our health!

What we eat and drink greatly influence our health. Fatty, oily foods and impure and unclean drinking water fight against good health. Did you know that about 50% to 65% of our body consists of water and that the water in our body enables us to function well as human beings? It is water that carries nutrients to all parts of our body. The more contaminated the water is, the more it contaminates the nutrients it transports  and of course the less healthy we get. As we say in Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd, ‘Your Health is Life”.

That is why we provide high quality affordable alternatives to getting clean, contaminant-free water and good healthy food. It is because we agree that the food you eat and the water you drink influence your quality of life!

If Ghana Water Company Ltd supplies water to your home, the underground infrastructure that carries water to our homes were installed many, many years ago. They most likely look like this:

Can you imagine the quality of the water you use in your home, if it has to travel through this to your home?

Water looks the same. Sea Water, water from your borehole, rain water, water from the river: they all
look the same.

How do you know which to drink?

This belief is the motivation for Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd.

Our Water Systems provide:

  • 99% Pure Water
  • Affordable long-term water solutions
  • In-home installation of our system
  • Maintenance and Warranty of machines

Our world-class Cookware provides the following :

  • Clean non-stick cooking
  • Cooking without oil or fat
  • Preservation of all the nutrients in the food
  • Use of minimum water, at times none
  • Minimum use of heat

Contact us now for quality Water Systems and World-class Cookware ​

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Golden Star Mines

Wassa Akyempim - W.R

Villa Cisneros Resort & Spa


K Peprah Company Ltd.

Footprints International School

Standard Sachet Water Company

Tarkwa - W.R

Ocean Green Beach Villas

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