About Us


Our goal when we opened Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd in 2017 is the same today as it was in 2017: it is to be the reliable promoter of environmental protection, helping reduce plastic use in society, and to ensure that sustainable quality and affordable drinking water is available to all, and as quickly as possible.


To provide the best drinking Water Experience to our clients, while using our business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis

The Challenge

One major challenge facing the world today is the mounting plastic waste deluge that continues to threaten our health and our way of life. Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd. considers this threat as its own challenge.

What We Do

Using Canadian technology and utilizing your existing water infrastructure, we will customize a water purification system for you and thus help to reduce your dependency on plastic-packaged water and thus help reduce your carbon footprints on the environment.

Our Partners

We are affiliated with Distilleau Inc. and Just Pure Inc., the leading Water Purification companies in Canada, the US and in the Carribean countries.

‘Quality Water is All We Care About’.

Our journey started in 2017 and we have been preoccupied with these central themes of our existence:

  • Reduce the illnesses associated with Water.

  • Reduce the financial impact of getting good water on Families.

  • Reduce the environmental degradation caused by plastic waste.

Our Accomplishments over the years

Satisfied Clients
Years of Experience
Major Installations

Our Clients

Some of our major installations.

Golden Star Mines

Wassa Akyempim - W.R

Villa Cisneros Resort & Spa


K Peprah Company Ltd.

Footprints International School

Standard Sachet Water Company

Tarkwa - W.R

Ocean Green Beach Villas

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