Jumbo Series

For your commercial/industrial 99% Pure Water needs, the HAG8010 Jumbo Water Purification System is your answer.

Our system effectively removes salt, hardness, all harmful metals, weedicides, petroleum products, excess iodine, fertilizer runoffs, and other harmful biological matter like typhoid, fecal matter, e-coli and many more.
With our combination of Bombolas, multiple filters of varying micron filter sizes, RO Membranes, Ultraviolet Lamp and Pressure Pumps, we guarantee water purity at all
times. Suitable also for Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Companies and in all situations where large amounts of 99% purified water is desired.

Water is boiled in the surgical stainless steel boiling chamber. The pure steam is collected and cooled into pure water. The pure water runs through a charcoal filter and is stored in a second surgical stainless steel tank.

Special Qualities:
• Trouble free float system eliminates traditional moving parts that wear down.
• Seal protected switching prevents moisture from harming electrical parts.
• ½ inch Impurities Drain makes it easy to drain and discard impurities in boiling chamber maintenance

Apart from our water purification systems, Healthy Alternatives Ghana Ltd. also sells cookware.

With our healthy cookware:

  • Prepare your food with minimum water
  •  Cook with no fat or oil
  • Cook your food with surgical stainless steel products
  • No-rust cookware
  • Non-Stick cookware
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