Value Proposition

Quality, Cost, Environmental

On Average, PPM Readings of our Systems average 4 PPM per one liter of Water. Our nearest competitor in the bottled water market averages 37 PPM per liter. We achieve this by first ascertaining the quality of your water and what is in the water, thus enabling us to assemble the right vessels and the right cleansers to get the optimum product. A typical assembly of materials will be the following:

1. The desired RO Tonnage System
2. 3 Large Multi-Media Filtration System
3. Bags of Sand
4. Bags of Media for purification and decontamination of the Water
5. Softeners
6. RO Membranes
7. 20 inch Water Filters
8. One Feeder Pump
9. One High Pressure Pump of the right tonnage
10. Ultra-Violet Lamp Assembly
11. Full or Half Automation Systems
Using our High Pressure Pumps: On full-load over a 24-hour period, the pump consumes 59.6 Units of electricity.
PS: The Pump rarely operates on full capacity because of losses etc. Typical operating capacity is 80%.

Membrane and Filters:
Membranes need to be changed at least once a year, depending on water quality.
Filters need to be changed periodically also depending on source water quality.

The tables below demonstrate clearly the benefits to your home budget if you adopt our offering, as
compared to the status quo::

We believe that the use of our products by Ghanaian households/institutions will
reduce their dependence on one-use plastic products and hence help reduce deforestation and environmental pollution of plastic waste.

Permissions and Certifications:
• ECG – Electricity use of our Systems rated above par
• Ghana Standards Authority – Our systems beat Ghana and WHO Standards by at times over 2173% (TDS ratio)
• Environmental Quality Labs at KNUST – Our systems beat Ghana and WHO Standards by at times over 2083% (Total Hardness ratio) and by 772% on Salinity
• Asanko Gold Mines – Our Systems outperformed their existing systems on large scale across all variables tested by their Environmental department.

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